Plasma Technology: The Non-Surgical Result

Do you have hooded eyes or saggy skin (eye bags) that make you look tired and run down? Are you afraid of having surgery because of the risks and prolonged recovery period?

Plasma Technology may be the answer you’re looking for.

Plasma Technology removes and tightens excess eyelid skin – through a safe and effective process called sublimation – causing immediate contraction of the skin in the treated area without damaging the delicate underlying structures of the eyelid.

This simple, safe and comfortable treatment  involves no scalpels or suturing. It has a quick recovery period and carries no major risk – unlike surgical blepharoplasty – yet produces outstanding results.

Eyelids Upper/Lower, Wrinkles, Lesions/ Moles/Skin Tags

After the procedure there will be some brown marks, which are carbon crusts.  After a few days, these will fall off, revealing new skin beneath. Some swelling will be seen (especially in cases of eyelid treatment), but it is likely to only last 3-5 days. The treatment process and after care will be discussed in detail with you, including a thorough review of the risks/complications and how to look after the treated area to ensure you get the best results.

When will I see results? You will see immediate results and the treated area will continue to improve for 2 months after your treatment.

The Scarlet delivers visible results with less pain, less downtime and no bleeding, unlike traditional mirconeedling. Fractional microneedle RF provides direct heat to epidermis and dermis by precise depth control from 0.5mm to 3.5mm. Each needle acts as an electrode to emit RF energy throughout the dermis, generating heat to stimulate new collagen formation. It works by delivering precise columns of micro-fractional bi-polar RF energy throughout the dermis, generating heat to stimulate new collagen formation.

  • Lifting & Skin Tightening
  • Acne & Acne Scar Treatment
  • Skin Tone & Texture Improvement
  • Pore, Scar, Stretch Mark Reduction
  • Double Chin Reduction
  • Jowl Lifting
  • Reduces Sweating
  • Eye Bag Reduction
  • Neck Lifting
  • Hand Rejuvenation
  • Facial Flushing
  • Melasma

Non-Invasive, no surgery, or injections to treat your skin.

No Downtime means you can return to your usual daily activities, although your skin may be a bit red and a bit tingly.

Almost Completely Painless only the top layer of your skin, there are almost no nerves involved, meaning there’s nothing to trigger pain.

Non-insulated SCARLET Micro-needle can deliver RF energy fully and precisely in target area and temperature

Micro needling or Collegen Induction Therapy is a minimally invasive treatment in which tiny punctures are created in the skin using micro-fine needles which triggers the body's natural healing response, stimulating collagen and elastin production.

Microneedling not only activates cell regeneration, it also enhances the absorption of active ingredients of Vitamin C, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) (see below) and Hyaluronic Acid (see below) into the skin during the treatment before the skin heals over.

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is derived from when your blood is drawn, then spun in a centrifuge. This process extracts the platelet rich plasma portion of your blood. PRP is a concentration of accelerated growth factors which assist the body in repairing itself by stimulating stem cells to regenerate new tissue.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is actually a natural structural component connective tissue throughout the human body. of skin . this ingredient lies in its ability to retain moisture. Hyaluronic acid also provides antioxidant, and reduces inflammation. Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin, for a firmer, brighter and rejuvenated appearance.