Glass Slipper Treatment

Foot cushioning with dermal fillers is the latest treatment for ladies who live for their ‘killer heels’.  Wearing heels requires gravity defying postures which puts significant pressure on the metatarsal bones and fat pad within the foot. The changes in the consistency of the tissue can keep you from enjoying an active lifestyle which may involve sports, dancing or even vacationing.

As we age, the very important fat pads on the bottom of our feet which act as shock absorbing cushions begin to shrink and shift. For many, this change in anatomy predisposes individuals for problems such as metatarsalgia, capsulitis and bursitis which can all make walking and standing painful and laborious. Common symptoms for patients with fat pad atrophy include pain that gets worse when standing and walking, toes that may feel as if they go numb and calluses that form over areas of bone prominence.

By replacing cushion with dermal filler, you can begin to love your heels again and dance the night away!