Taking Skin Rejuvenation to the Next Level

An innovative procedure combines

Microneedling with Radiofrequency Energy

Natural Results

Healthier Skin


There are a number of reasons why RF Microneedling needs to be your new go-to option for full skin rejuvenation today:

RF Microneedling is the combination of radiofrequency energy with the traditional microneedling.

The combination technology creates fractional radiofrequency coagulation of dermal collagen and results in immediate collagen contraction. This stimulates a natural healing response of collagen and elastin, producing a faster, more dramatic results.

This treatment is safe, and requires minimal downtime, making it popular with patients of all ages and most skin types. Improvement to skin texture is visible within days, while tightening continues for 6 weeks.

The procedure addresses the following issues:

Acne & Acne scarring

Face, Neck & Body Tighting

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Lifts, Tones & Tightens

Reduces Pore Size, Smooths Scars

Reduces Sweating, Stretch Marks & Veins

Sun Spots, Melasma

Upper & Lower Eyelids

Adding Platelet Rich Plasma to the Mix

Platelets contain important growth factors that promote cell regeneration and repair. When platelets are injected into the skin immediately following an RF microneedling procedure, the two work synergistically to improve the appearance of the skin. When PRP is added, the effects of wrinkle reduction, stretch marks and acne scarring are enhanced. In addition, microneedling and PRP are also effective in treating mild hair loss for both men and women.

What to expect :

Topical anesthetic is applied 20 to 30 minutes before the procedure. Almost immediately after the session your skin will begin to regenerate and start to repair itself.  Following the procedure you may experience slight redness and swelling but this usually subsides within a few hours and a complete recovery will be made within 24 - 48 hours.